Small Business Unit Products

Small Business Unit Products

Health & Fitness

Our FitnessEdge product is built to address the ever-evolving needs of the health and fitness industry. From large fitness and athletic clubs to smaller studio training, FitnessEdge offers products designed to respond to industry-related segments including swimming pools and water areas, rock wall climbing, bounce houses, and rope courses. Other ancillary classes may also be available, including children’s summer camps, restaurants, and related club affiliated business.

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Garage & Service

Our AutoEdge product offers tailored insurance protection to meet the needs of automobile sales and service business. From general automotive repair, retail tire stores, paint and body shops to your transmission service and repair to non-franchised used automobile and new and used equipment dealers, AutoEdge will meet your insurance requirements. AutoEdge offers a full range of coverages to meet the exposures of auto-business operations and can also tailor coverage for specialized needs. AutoEdge is the comprehensive insurance solution for the automobile service and sales operations industry.

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